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I’m unable to export the passwords. Is there a workaround?

On certain combination of Java and OS versions, while exporting the passwords, when you select the password check-box, it is not getting selected. This is a bug. It is in my list of things to fix.

In the mean time, the following work-around should let you export the password.

Click on the password checkbox -> a warning message will pop-up -> Click on ‘OK’ in the warning message -> This will go back to the export dialog box, but the “password” checkbox will still not be selected -> Now, hold down the spacebar AND without releasing the spacebar, click on the “Export” button, which should also export the password.

I have lost the password for the encrypted file. Will you be able to recover the file. ?

Absolutely Not. If you forget the password for the file, I cannot recover it for you and nobody can. Do not forget your password [ Well… the only password you should remember is the master password. ]

How secure is password manager. ?

Password manager uses Blowfish encryption [ BlowfishJ ] written by Markus Hahn. Blowfish is an pretty standard and strong encryption. Please visit http://blowfishj.sourceforge.net/ for more information on BlowfishJ.

I’m unable to run the passwordmanager.jar

You should have java runtime environment installed for the password manager to run. Please refer to the install section of the readme.html [ which is part of the download ] for more information. Installing java runtime environment is very easy.

I do not see an exe file in the passwordmanager.zip download. How do I run the program ?

As this is written in java , you will only see the passwordmanager.jar . Double click on the passwordmanager.jar (or) type “java -jar passwordmanager.jar” from the install directory to run the program.

Will Password Manager run on Palm OS (or) Windows CE/Pocket PC?


Can password manager run as an applet.?


I have an enahancement suggestion/request for Password Manager. Will you be able to incorporate this in your future release?

Please refer to the future enhanacments section for the list of enahancement request I received from other users. If you reqest is not in the list, please send me an email.

How do I add/edit/delete record from the command line password manager option?

Currently the command line option supports only browsing the records of the *.pwm file. Future version of password manager may have add/edit/delete records from the command line itself. Please refer to command line extension page for the command which are available currently.

Command line option commands ls and show are displaying the password as ****. How to make the password visible.?

Command line option uses the same password security settings of UI. [ Tools -> Options -> Security TAB.]. Launch the UI and set the password visible in the main table and the view mode, which will make the password visible in the ls and show commands from the command line.

Is this an open source? Can I get the source code of Password Manager.


I do not see my language in the supported language list in the application.

If you are interested in helping perform the language translation, please click here. Also, this change log contains details about all previous release.