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Change Log

V5.0 – 26-Apr-2008

  • Ability to change the category of multiple records at one time
  • Changed the Add/Edit Record window layout for better usability.
  • Added the Status Bar at the bottom of the application.
  • Enhanced the Menu Bar and Tool Bar.
  • Added the preview panel capability for records
  • Added the ability to show/hide Tool Bar, Status Bar and Preview Panel.
  • Changed the Font.
  • User preferences will be stored in .passwordmanager.ini instead of PasswordManager.ini
  • .passwordmanager.ini, which stores the user preference will be created in the same directory as the passwordmanager.jar. This helps mainly to carry the application in USB storage media.

V4.0 – 17-Oct-2004

  • Added the ability to use the Password Manager from command line. Records can be queried from the command line without launching the graphical user interface.
  • Added the ability to add multiple-line notes/comments for a record.
  • Added the Created On and Updated On field for the record.
  • Implemented the Multi-Language capability. ( Tools -> Option -> Language )
  • Changed the *.pwm file format to XML. ( Not visible to the user ).
  • Read and write the *.pwm file in UTF-8 format.
  • Add a cancel button in category window.
  • Ability to specify the look and feel option. ( Tools -> Option -> Look and Feel )
  • Ability to specify the Layout option while exporting records to HTML.
  • Ability to remember the add/edit window size.

V3.3 – 10-Apr-2004

  • Implemented Inactive timeout. i.e Lock the application if not used for x minutes.
  • Ability to set a Double click action for the main table.
  • Backup the *.pwm in the same directory as the original *.pwm file for the automatic backup option.
  • Added ability to search the additional attributes also along with main attributes, when All Columns search is selected.
  • Added the ability to remember the main application window size and option dialog window size.

V3.2 – 04-Jan-2004

  • Ability to set a specific category during startup.
  • Added Password Strength indicator
  • Ability to export records to XML file.
  • Added Help -> SystemInfo

V3.1 – 14-Sep-2003

  • Ability to set a specific column sort order during startup.
  • Implemented the Help system.

V3.0 Build 2 – 12-Jul-2003

  • Implemented the automatic backup. i.e whenever the pwm file is opened, a backup will be taken.
  • Enhanced the Tools->’Record Count’ to give the record count based on category.
  • Enhanced the Splash Screen, About and License.

V3.0 – 18-May-2003

  • Implemented BlowfishJ algorithm for encryption written by markus_hahn@gmx.net. www.come.to/hahn .
  • File -> Help will open the readme.html in the system browser
  • ‘File -> Export -> To Text’. If an attribute is having a comma in it, during export it will be enclosed with double quotes.
  • Ability to delete multiple categories
  • In the ‘File -> Export -> To HTML’, the URL fields will be hyperlinked in the generated html output
  • Ability to view a record. Ability to mask the password in the view record option.

V2.1 – 05-Jan-2003

  • Added File->Export-> to HTML
  • Better Search Capabilities
  • Added Tool->Record Count

V2.0 – 03-Nov-2002

  • Added more options in the Tools -> Options Menu
    • Clear clipboard on Exit
    • Show password in the table
    • Copy UserId or Password to clipboard on URL
    • Use Default Browser or select browser
    • Backup Option
    • Startup File Option
  • Added GeneratePassword option during add/edit records
  • Added File -> Change Password, File -> Lock option
  • Added Duplicate Record
  • Better Category Management
  • Default values can be given for all fields including additional attributes
  • If {sysdate} is added as default value, it will put the current date during record add.
  • Added Keyboard Control
  • Added Kunststoff Look and Feel

V1.1 – 18-Aug-2002

  • Some minor bug fixes
  • Added the current filename to the titlebar of the application.
  • Added the file name to the ‘file open’ and ‘file save’ dialog title bar.
  • Added ability to delete multiple records.
  • Added clipboard clear functionality.
  • If some data is changed, prompt user to save before exiting the application.
  • Added ability to close an open file.
  • From this version all the data files will have extension as *.pwm . If you have a data file in V1.0, rename it with *.pwm extension.

V1.0 – 23-Jul-2002 – Initial release