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When it comes to providing passwords online, many users want to have a “one password fits all” for ease and convenience not really knowing that this could spell disaster.

The funny thing is most people do not bother deliberately creating their passwords, but rather just go with lame passwords that even a 2 year old kid can guess. Little did they know that their passwords belong to the “universal passwords” that a amateur hackers happen to have a list of.
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The debate between passwords versus passphrase is currently the trending buzz online nowadays. Just after all the password hacking and identity theft incidents have caught media attention, a lot of online users have now become aware of the ominous danger that is lurking in the scam-infested world of the internet.

Hence, the recommendation to use passphrases instead of passwords by IT experts just came at the right time to soothe everyone from the hangover of the password disaster phenomenon.

However, not everyone is techno savvy and there are some who are still confused as to the difference between a password and a passphrase, and why the latter is more reliable.
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Along with the breakthrough of the convenience brought about by the World Wide Web also comes the ultimate virtual crime that is initiated by scumbags to create havoc online: Identity Theft.

You are probably already aware of it but have no idea to prevent it, or perhaps you think it won’t probably happen to you. There is a whole new level of identity theft that is promulgating out there in the virtual world. As the World Wide Web is constantly innovating for security protocols, and so are the greatest hackers of all times are doing the same thing – innovating new state of the art ways to hack! So beware and be aware!

Now, you don’t have to panic and completely abandon your virtual life. It is probably safe to say that most online transactions are secured, but of not all of them are. There are ways that you can prevent identity theft. All you need to do is take deliberate precautions whether you are online or offline. Hence, we have come up with 10 tips to prevent online identity theft. The more you take these guidelines seriously, the less you will be prone to identity theft.
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It is ideal for people to use at least different passwords for each website they visit for safety purposes. It is not possible for anybody to remember all these unique passwords. To make it even more challenging and downright daunting, some websites may require distinct rules for their passwords to ensure user protection, such as a variation or combination of letters, numbers and symbols which makes it more complicated than ever to remember.

Fortunately, with the use of password manager software, you can manage all your passwords in a breeze. A password manager is an application that will use a master password to encrypt your database of username and password for all your web sites, services or other applications. This is why all online users should ideally have a password manager to prevent identity theft and secure their private information in the World Wide Web.
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CNET Editor Review:

We really liked this programs no fuss, no muss approach to protecting login information. We recommend it for all users. Organizing login information is a painless process with this user-friendly password manager. Novices will especially appreciate its straightforward user interface.

Dorte Scheeler, freelance translator:

I have been using the PasswordManager for years and I don’t know what I would do without it! I do all my shopping, banking and planeticket buying online and I have so many passwords that I used to write down in a little book. Then I heard about PasswordManager, tried it out and since then I have been recommending it to all my fellow translators. It is a great product, easy and simple to use and I think it should be pre-installed on every computer that is sold.

Claude L:

Thank for the great application. Easy to install, easy to use and interface very well designed.


Nice program. Simple and platform-independent. I have it on my USB-Stick, so I have all my passwords with me, even when I have to use other computers. Keep it that simple 🙂 Regards, Stefan


I spent 2 hours today looking for a decent Java, cross platform app to track my passwords. Your app is the best of the 25 I tested.


Wonderful password manager working both on WindowsXP and Linux! Abandoned shareware I was using and already paid. That only works on Widows.

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