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Enhancement List

Based on the feedback from users, I’m planning to add the following features to the Password Dragon at some point. Whenever I have some bandwidth I’ll try to knock down some of these items. However, I would like to work only on the items that are very important to you. So, please contact me and let me know, which features you would like to see in the Password Dragon.

1. Private Records

  • Ability to specify a record as private record
  • While adding/editing a record, there will be a private record check-box
  • If a record is specified as private, it will not be visible in the main table, and it is not search-able
  • Under the View menu, you’ll see ‘Show private records’, which will make all private records visible in the main table and search-able.
  • When you select ‘show private records’, it will ask for the password before showing the private records.
  • Once the private records are show, this menu will toggle to ‘Hide private records’. i.e you can ‘Hide private records’ whenever you like.
  • When you select ‘Show private records’, it will be visible only until you close the current file.
  • Anytime you open a *.pwm file, by default, it will hide private records.

2. Activity Log

  • Create a activity log file which has the following info: activity-name and timestamp.
  • Enable Log : Yes/No. User can specify whether logging can be enabled or not from the Options window.
  • Following operations can be logged:
    • add, edit, delete record.
    • change password
    • new file creation
    • file open etc.
  • User should be able to configure which activities should be logged
  • Log records will be in the following format: [time stamp] activity
    • e.g. [11-Apr-2012 23:50:10 PST] New record added
    • e.g. [11-Apr-2012 23:50:10 PST] Password changed for C:\data\my_file.pwm

3. Specify DATE Format for {sysdate}

  • Currently you can specify {sysdate} as default value for any column in options
  • The default date format for the {sysdate} is dd-mon-yyyy hh24:mi:ss tz
  • Ability to set the DATE format for the {sysdate} field
  • User will be able to specify a new date format for {sysdate} from the Options window

4. Tree View

  • Windows explorer style record browsing. Currently records are viewed in a table format.
  • Users will have the option to choose from the following view.
    • Table View. ( This is the current view. )
    • Tree View. ( This is the windows explorer style record browsing. )
  • In this option, the left hand side will have all the categories. User can click on a category which will display all the records in that category in the right hand side table.

5. Encrypt/Decrypt External File (Additional add-on)

  • This doesn’t affect the base password manager feature. This is an extra feature that deals with external files.
  • Ability to encrypt/decrypt external file.
  • Please note that this has nothing to do with the existing *.pwm file used by the password manager to store user records.
  • Tools menu will have the following sub-menu
    • Encrypt external file – Select some text file from the computer which you need to encrypt. User should specify a password for encrypting the file. A new file will be created with the extension *.pwm_enc
    • Decrypt external file – Decrypt the *.pwm_enc file. Specify the password which was provided during the encryption. This will decrypt the *.pwm_enc file and create *.pwm_dec file.

6. Simple Secure Notepad (Additional add-on)

  • This doesn’t affect the base password manage feature. This is an extra feature.
  • Ability to store some small text in an encrypted file.
  • Ability to invoke a text editor (simple textarea), where user can type some text.
  • User has to provide a password while saving the file. This file will encrypted.
  • User has to use the same text editor to open the saved file.
  • User should provide the password while opening the encrypted file.

7. Password Dragon for Mobile (iPhone, iPad, Android)

8. Misc Features

  • a) Web based Password Dragon application. This could be used either for individual use, or for corporate use with multi-user feature.
  • b) Remember the column width specified by the user.
  • c) In the main table, make the enter key equivalent to the double-click action. i.e Enter key will eithe edit or view the selected record.
  • d) Currently, if you are importing records from a text file using the import feature, the comment field of a record cannot be multi-line. So, enhance the import feature to support multi-line comment field.
  • e) Allow users to specify a list of special characters that can be used for random password generation when the “special characters” check-box is selected in the password generator.

9. Bugs to fix

  • a) When the view/edit window is open, the app doesn’t time-out.

What do you like to see?

Please note that this is just my wish list. Whenever I have some bandwidth I might knock down some of these items. However, I would like to make sure I work on the items that are very important to you. So, please contact me and let me know, which feature you would like to see in the Password Dragon.