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10 Reasons to Use Password Manager Software

It is ideal for people to use at least different passwords for each website they visit for safety purposes. It is not possible for anybody to remember all these unique passwords. To make it even more challenging and downright daunting, some websites may require distinct rules for their passwords to ensure user protection, such as a variation or combination of letters, numbers and symbols which makes it more complicated than ever to remember.

Fortunately, with the use of password manager software, you can manage all your passwords in a breeze. A password manager is an application that will use a master password to encrypt your database of username and password for all your web sites, services or other applications. This is why all online users should ideally have a password manager to prevent identity theft and secure their private information in the World Wide Web.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should use password manager software.

  1. No need to remember all your passwords. With password manager software, you no longer have to worry about forgetting your passwords as you only have to remember one master password or security code. You no longer have to store a list of username and passwords that have the tendency to fall into the wrong hands. All you have to remember is the master password.
  2. Auto-login, or copy-paste uid and pwd. No more manually entering of user information for subsequent logins. The password manager will make it easier for you to login to all your sites online with just a click of your mouse. You no longer have to fill in all the details that are required in every site as the password manager will automatically fill it out for you. At a minimum, it will let you copy-paste the username and password from the tool to the website.
  3. Encrypted storage. Stores all your passwords in one safe and encrypted database. All your passwords and private information will be locked up in the password manager software securely using industry standard encryption algorithm such as AES encryption.
  4. Same tool on different operating system. Some password manager software works on multiple platforms (Unix, Linux, Mac, and Windows), making it a true cross platform solution. Web based online password manager are also available.
  5. Access your password from your cellphone. Some password manager tool supports various mobile platforms (including Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry)
  6. Generates unique password. Creates a strong unique password for different sites. A great feature of most password managers is the ability to generate a password on your behalf so you don’t have to drain your brains out to come up with a strong password for every web site.
  7. Store unlimited number of records. Password manager software can house unlimited number of passwords and encrypts them all to ensure utmost protection of your personal information.
  8. Carry it with you in USB drive. You can carry the password manager software along with the encrypted data file in an USB stick. This way, you can launch the program from any system.
  9. Easy to use and user friendly. Most password manager softwares are very easy to use with a simple and user-friendly interface that will make setting up a breeze even for a newbie.
  10. It’s Free!. Some of them are free. So you don’t have to worry about spending a dime in this topnotch and useful tool.

With a free and useful online tool such as the password manager software, you now have all the ability to secure your passwords and important information in one safe and encrypted database.